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Classically Catholic Memory Timeline Cards

Classically Catholic Memory Timeline Cards

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Classically Catholic Memory is a Catholic homeschool memory work program classical in nature, that guides parents and children in mastering challenging and inspiring material in eight subjects: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words. Memory work is simply the mastery of core facts in a given subject, or the mastery of a certain body of work (poetry or Scripture, for example). 

Timeline Cards: This set contains 144 4 x 6 full-color cards depicting events and persons from Creation through Pope John  Paul II. 15 essential dates are included on certain critical events in the timeline. The cards are clearly labeled in numerical order.


Alpha and Beta Years

Classical Catholic Memory is divided into Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Years. Alpha and Beta Years are already available, with Gamma and Delta forthcoming. Here's what is covered in these years:

Religion: Each year provides various Catechism questions and answers and passages from Scripture.

Latin: Each year provides various prayers and hymns.

History: History sentences from one of four time periods: Alpha Year: Creation through the Birth of Christ (Ancients) Beta Year: The Time of Christ through 1500 (Middle Ages)

Science: Alpha Year: Life Science: Animal Life Beta Year: Earth Science and Astronomy

Math: Skip counting (every year) Alpha Year: Geometric Formulas Beta Year: Conversion Formulas

Timeline: The same timeline is learned every year.

Geography: Countries, some capital cities, and physical geography of either one or two continents per year. Alpha Year: Asia and Australia Beta Year: Europe

Great Words I and II: Every year provides material that includes poems, historical documents, and speeches.

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